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There is a free walk through book somewhere but this is the easy part :)

1. Go to Astro-Knights island (if you're on a different island)
2. Head towards the fountain, and you should see a sparkle. Jump towards the sparkle and you'll find a gold coin.
3. Go to the Mordred museum, and give the guy inside the gold coin you found in the fountain.
4. Click on one of the books, and he'll give you a library slip.
5. Go to the King and Queen's castle. (It looks like a complete mess!)
6. Head to the door on the right, and it'll take you to the royal library.
7. Click on the McM, and it'll open up a secret passageway.
8. Collect the moldy cheese, and pull the lever inside. You can talk to the robot in the prison cell, but all he'll do is talk binary. (Note: If you don't pull the switch, you will have to come back later to do it.) Once you do this and leave, you can't get back in.
9. Go to the door on the left, and it'll take you to the maid's room.
10. Put down the moldy cheese to catch the robotic mouse inside, and get the paper on the chest.
11. Go to the mill on the right of the castle, and talk to the guy with the freckle's and the dirty shovel, and he'll give you a bag of manure.
12. Go inside the mill and pull down on the rope holding the mill gears, then talk to the goth girl, and you'll give her the paper you found in the maid's room.
13. Go back to main street, and click on the plaque that's on the fountain. The password is: Crescent moon, Planet Saturn, star, and the big sun.
14. Go in the secret hideout and talk to the kid with the buck teeth and freckles, and he'll give you a key.
15. Go back to the mill, and push away the two hay stacks (opposite directions of each other.), and use the key on the entrance, and it should open.
16. Go inside the hideout and scare the owl out, then go back outside and release the mechanical mouse, and the owl will eat it, and you'll say: "I think I've made a new friend!"
17. Go back in the hideout and push on the mud wall. (just keep on pushing on it, because it'll collapse in a few seconds.) Then, go in the hole.
18. You'll be inside the prison cell that the robot was in, and the robot will say: "Intrusion: Self Destruct", and the robot will detonate. Use the owl to get the fuel rod that the robot dropped, and the owl will give it to you.
19. Exit the cell and the hideout, and get the coil of rope on the gears outside the mill.
20. Go back to the King and Queen's castle, and go to where the huge bow and arrow is. Use the coil of rope on the bow and arrow. Use the bow and arrow to create a path to the princess's room. (don't worry if you don't get it the first time, because you have unlimited tries.)
21. Go to the princess's room, and find a piece of paper that mentions that Mordred hides thing under his bed.
22. Go to main street and inside the museum. Click under Mordred's bed, and you'll find a missing page from Mordred's journal.
23. Go outside the mill, and jump on the left side of the mill's arms, and turn,it'll open the top of the windmill.
24. Go inside the top of the mill you opened, and use the manure to power the hover craft inside.
25. Go outside of the mill, and jump on the hovercraft, and it'll take you to a flying saucer that crashed.
26. Click on the saucer, and drag the fuel rod to the empty one, the saucer will power up. Input the coordinates from the page of Mordred's journal, and click the "Launch" button.
27. It'll show a cutscene of you flying in the saucer, and crashing on "Pewter Moon".
28. You'll say: "Whoops! Say goodbye to Excalibur!". Head to the astro shop, and click on the guy with a big smile. Select: "How do I get off of here?", and he'll tell you that you can make a rocket if you leave you're saucer for scrap.
29. Go to the holopad and click on it, and then you can build your own space vessel!
30. When you're done, click done, and take your ship to outer space.
31. Head to the Jungle planet. (X 15 Y 15)
32. Go to the jungle floor and get the lance, and go on all the swings to get to the other side.
33. Get across the eggs and free the unicorn, then shoot or dodge the bees and bird missiles, and you'll eventually run into the phoenix. Charge up your laser (hold and release) to damage the mechanical bird until you destroy it.
34. Head to the lava planet. (X 83 Y 20)
35. Get across the lava by jumping on the rocks (make the last jump when both rocks are moving downward). Then, get across the flame wave. Then, talk to the knight and he'll give you an ice arrow. (when you get to an extremely hard one on the middle of the volcano, go back one, jump over the one in the middle/hard one and on to the next one, so you don't have to go on the one in the middle !!)
36. To defeat the dragon, climb on the chains to get behind him. Then, pull on the lever to make the dragon fall asleep. Then, use the ice arrow to damage the beast. Repeat this process twice more to defeat the beast.
37. Head to the ice planet. (X 73 Y 83) Before you land on the planet, you have to get rid of the sharks. The only way to destroy them is if you guide them to the black hole.
38. Get across the liquid nitrogen lake, and in order to, you have to jump above the piranhas that hop up to bite you.
39. Talk to knight and he'll give you a shield.
40. To defeat the Tigercopter, you have to wait until it throws snowballs at you, that's when you have to use your shield to reflect the snowballs at the yellow balls. You'll win when you destroy all the balls.
41. Head towards the asteroid with the temple. (X 11 Y 84)
42. Click on the key on top, and it'll open up a portal. Go inside the portal.
43. When you see the princess, DON'T give her the weapons. (She's the binary bard.) But if you love puzzles, then give her the weapons.
44. Go in the castle and defeat the Binary Bard. As Merlin, dodge his attacks and drop his own bombs on him. As yourself, jump up on the robot, then the light fixtures. When he shoots at you, they fall on him.
45. You'll be knighted and receive the island medallion!

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